What to Get the Yoga Enthused Man in your Life

Yoga is definitely a form of exercise that the participants fall hard for. Within a few weeks of starting yoga you will no doubt be strutting around head to toe in this season Lululemons.

So what better gift to give than a yoga gift. The best gifts are the gifts that are used, so when deciding the type of gift to give, do some research and see if there are any of the everyday practice items they need. Yoga is one of those exercises that require minimal equipment. So the best gift you can get a yogi can be a replacement or additional mat or pair of yoga shorts. Keep it simple.

Yoga Shorts 

Lululemon Pace Breaker Short 5″ Linerless

Although you don’t necessarily have to buy shorts that are specifically designed for yoga. There are a few requirements that you should be looking for when you decide on shorts as a gift.  The shorts be categorized as performance shorts meaning they are made of moisture-wicking material, can move with the range of motion that yoga requires, and are the adequate length that the man you’re buying the gift for wears. In general, shorts come in the main sizes of 5, 7’ and 9’ variants.

A Yoga mat 

This is the most essential item for yoga practice. Do your research and find out the type of mat that they use as mats come in various materials and sizes. For example, if the yogi in your life has a thicker more heavyweight mat it might be worth getting them a lightweight mat that is suitable for traveling with. It’s also great to have a spare mat, so they won’t need to replace their current one once their current one shows some wear and tear.  


Made of 100% rubber these mats provide a great level of grip as well as being antimicrobial so they are perfect for sweaty practices. Rubber also can be recycled and reused, so it doesn’t have the same environmental impacts that PVC mats have. 

A Set of Yoga blocks 

Find out if the yogi in your life has a set of yoga blocks and if they do what material the blocks are made of. If they have a set of foam yoga blocks then why not get them a set of cork yoga blocks.  Blocks of different materials are not created equally. Cork yoga blocks are better used for standing and balancing poses while foam blocks work better for restorative poses. Having two sets of yoga blocks is never a bad thing so these can be a good option. 

Online Yoga pass subscription 

There are many providers out there that are providing monthly and yearly subscriptions. There is the option to buy subscriptions for live classes as well as pre-recorded video classes. As it’s difficult to give adjustments over a live class there isn’t a huge benefit compared to pre-recorded classes.  

Alo Moves is a great option for a subscription. Not only do they offer yoga classes but also a range of other fitness classes such as strength, core, and pilate focused classes. It also offers classes in all of the main types of yoga. Sadly you don’t get hot yoga included, but that would be hard to include. 

Bring them on a Yoga retreat 

If you’re really balling, what better gift to get an enthusiastic yogi than a yoga retreat. This is effectively a holiday that is dedicated solely to practice and learning about yoga.

Yoga retreats are becoming more and more popular these days so there will most likely be an option of a yoga retreat in the country you live in. If you fancy getting away to the sun for this then there will always be options in Southeast Asia if it’s a special gift. 

Insulated water bottle 

This is probably one of the more clique gifts that everyone is giving at the moment.  So, it’s best to check and see if the guy you’re buying the gift already has one or if they need a new one.  These are great because they keep your water cold and hot drinks hot.  If the man in your life is environmentally conscious or is terrible at drinking water regularly this is a great gift. 

Meditation App Subscription 

Yoga is as much an exercise of the mind as it is a physical exercise. So being able to get yourself in a meditative state is important. This can be one of the more difficult elements for beginners so introducing meditation practice in other elements of your daily life through a mediation app.

Apps such as Headspace and Calm are great ways of training the mind to release thoughts and to solely focus on your breathing. If a yogi can learn to get in a meditative state while practicing they are golden. Off the mat introducing meditation into your daily routine can also help reduce stress, improve social relationships and help them to get a deeper night’s sleep.

Gift voucher for a local yoga studio 

During these difficult times, the idea of in-person yoga classes seems to be a distant reality, but as local businesses and yoga studios are currently struggling what better way to support your community than to buy a gift voucher. Most studios are currently offering online classes. So, they should be able to use them online or in-person when classes become a thing again. Another way that you can support local businesses/ studios is by purchasing some of the above suggestions locally.  

Written by Emma

A yogi at heart Emma is a keen practitioner of Yoga.

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